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What can you do with ScatterPlan?

ScatterPlan is a useful tool to help you with your online presence. First of all you can save your general info in our app. We will make sure the correct info arrives on relevant websites. Next to that, it’s possible to share your menu and every temporary menu through our app. We are very proud on this. It’s a lot of work to put your whole menu card in our web application, but after it’s shared to these different websites, it’s only a small effort to make small changes and let everybody know what you’re offering.

Thanks to our Planner feature, you can share temporary menus on times you’re not online. Let’s say you have a monthly menu for February and March, but also a Valentine’s menu, then you can input these menus all at one in January. Just use the data in our Planner, and we’ll make sure every menu is online when you want it. We’ll even make sure everything is published with a beautiful design, and mobile ready.

Next to our app, we also send you useful tips and tricks for your social media strategy. Subscribe for our newsletter to receive this right in your mailbox.


Which social media profiles can I connect to ScatterPlan?

At this moment you can connect the following profiles to ScatterPlan:

-          Facebook

-          Foursquare

We are working every day on adding websites to this list. We are currently working on Google Places and Yelp. There are further investigations on Twitter, TripAdvisor and other local and international websites. In the future, it’s highly likely there will be multiple price options but when you’re subscribed to a plan, your price will never go up. That’s a promise.


Can I use ScatterPlan to plan and send posts to my social media?

There are a couple of useful free tools available, such as Buffer or Hootsuite, that can help you better with this. We want to focus our efforts on the distribution of your correct info and menus online. In the long term, we want to go further than only social media. Other review sites are planned.


How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking ‘Forgot Password’ on the login-screen. After filling in your email address, we will send you an email. Follow the instructions in the email to continue.

If you would like to create a new password, go to ‘Account Settings’.



Setting up your profile

I’m using your app for the first time, how do I start?

First of all, welcome aboard! We are very happy to welcome you and we are very excited to start helping you with the online life of your restaurant.

To start with our app, the best thing to do is connect your social media profiles. If you don’t have any and want help to get started, click here.

If you have already a Foursquare account with correct information, then you can download this info to ScatterPlan and put the correct data in our app automatically. Control if all data is correct in ‘General Information’. Add here any missing info.

The next logical step is to add your main menu list. This is the menu that’s available throughout the year. You can do this in ‘Main Menu List’. This can be a bung of work, depending on the size of your menu list. But don’t get discouraged, afterwards it’s only a matter of seconds to small changes to dishes or change prices, and get it immediately distributed to the relevant websites.

Continue with adding your temporary menus. Take the intro tour on the dashboard to get an overview of the different steps to take.


How do I publish my menu?

There are a few easy steps to start. First, you should connect your social media profiles with ScatterPlan. After this, go to “Change Main Menu List” and create your categories, as found on your menu list. This can be for example Starters, Main Dishes, Fish Main Dishes, Salads, Desserts, etc. You can choose these items completely on your own. You can always drag a category up or down to choose the correct order.
Choose “Edit Category” to add dishes to the category. For every dish, you have the possibility to put a description. Choose “Add a dish entry” to enter the next dish, or “Save” when you’re finished. After filling in all categories, choose “Save order”.


How do I publish a temporary menu?

Creating a temporary menu involves mainly the same efforts as a normal menu. There are just a few differences. You only have to give in your price once, for the whole menu. But the biggest difference is the input field on the left of the dish name. This input field is used to put the order number of the dish. According to this, all different dishes for the starter get number 1, all dishes for the main dish get number 2, and so on.

Extra: If you want to offer a different lunchmenu every day, you can change this number by the name of the day (Monday) of the date.


How do I plan a menu for an exact date?

After inputting your menu, you can choose to ‘Publish Now’ or ‘Publish Later’. You can even choose different publication dates for the different platforms. Choose first the platform, and fill in the beginning and end date for the menu. If you want to publish the menu on more than 1 website, then you can choose again ‘Publish to Platform’. Choose ‘Save’ to keep the chosen schedule.


I made a mistake. Can I edit when I’ll share my menu?

Of course. Just choose again for ‘Publish’ / ‘Later’, and put your new dates.


How do I disconnect a social media profile from my ScatterPlan?

In ‘Manage Delivery to Platforms’, click on the arrow next to ‘Connected’. Choose ‘Disconnect’ to delete this profile from ScatterPlan. We recommend however to connect as several profiles to reach as many potential customers as possible.



Plans & Pricing

Which plans do you have and what are the prices?

We are currently offering 2 basic plans. Their content is the same, only the billing period is different.

-          Monthly plan: 24 euro / month (excl. VAT)

-          Annual plan: 240 euro / year (excl. VAT)

We plan to include more features in time, this will surely increase the price. However, we promise that your chosen price will never go up.


How does the payment work?

In our terms and conditions is mentioned that we expect you to fill in your billing information within 14 days under ‘Account Settings’. We send the bill digitally to your mailbox. We ask you to pay this bill within 30 days.

You are making it easy for yourself and us if you choose a yearly contract. This way, you get 2 months free, and only 1 bill per year.

If you rather get your bill through normal mail, let us know by sending an email to As an internet company, we highly suggest to choose the digital version, of course.


Can I cancel my plan easily?

Sure you can. You can do this by choosing ‘Cancel my Subscription’ under ‘Account Settings’. Then we’ll make sure your subscription doesn’t get renewed at the end of the current term.


What happens with my data when I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel, we will keep your data in case you change your mind. When you decide to use our services again, everything will be ready to use. However, your menu will no longer appear on your social media and we will not use your information for other reasons.


Do you offer a non-profit discount?

Yes, we do! We’re glad to be able to offer a 50% discount. To get this started, just send an email to with a proof of your non-profit status. When you already payed, we’ll refund 50% of the payments, and apply the 50% discount from then on.